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Chris Townsend's Journey

Image credits: VFX by Meteor Studios

VFX supervisor Christopher Townsend studied graphic design in his native England before setting out on a journey that has continued to this day. His travels took him through China to Australia and Singapore where he did graphics and animation for broadcast and advertising, before moving to the United States to work on feature films at Industrial Light and Magic. At ILM he worked as an artist and supervisor on some of the most influential visual effects movies of our time, including the re-release of the original Star Wars, the three new Star Wars films, Mission Impossible, The Lost World, Jurassic Park, Day After Tomorrow, the first Narnia movie, the Academy Award-winning Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest, and many others.

More recently Chris Townsend stepped out into the role of independent VFX supervisor joining former ILM colleague and Academy Award-winner Eric Brevig on Journey to the Center of the Earth, the first ever full-length stereoscopic motion picture shot in High Definition to be released in Digital 3D cinemas. VFX work was done at Meteor Studios, Hybride, Frantic Films, Mokko, Rodeo FX, FrameCycler users all. We spoke with Chris at his home in northern California.





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