January 2006: SequencePublisher 2006 at Digital Dimension

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Established in 1997, Digital Dimension creates high-end visual effects and animation at its LA and Montreal facilities. Digital Dimension currently has a staff of 80 including 70 artists. Recent projects include Zathura, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Magnificent Desolation. With a full slate of projects for the coming year, Digital Dimension is well positioned to continue its remarkable growth.

We spoke with Anthony Kramer, VFX Production Coordinator at Digital Dimension in LA.

IRIDAS: How has Digital Dimension made its mark in the industry?

I think first and foremost it has been our passion and dedication in creating photo-real visual effects. But in this business, that's not always enough! In order for us to stay on the forefront, we've been pioneers in adapting cutting-edge technologies into our workflow. We are constantly challenging ourselves and the technology to be more efficient and organized than the rest of the pack.

IRIDAS: What are some of the highlights of your recent work?

We did over 200 shots for the Zathura. Some of these were very complex comps with many layers of practical miniature elements mixed with CG elements which we had created. We also worked on Magnificent Desolation: a Tom Hanks produced IMAX film. This was a particularly challenging not only because of the size of the IMAX format but it was also presented in stereoscopic 3D. This meant we had to do every effect twice, once for each eye!

IRIDAS: What's it like when you see your work in a movie theater?

That is one of the most rewarding parts of this job. It's great to see how all the hard work we did fits in - and contributes to - the story as a whole: whether in a movie theater, or even on DVD. And it's almost as nice to see your name when the credits roll at the end!

Founded in 1997, Digital Dimension has thriving facilities in LA and Montreal


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