July 2005: The Color Pipeline at In Extenso

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A New Approach

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The Color Pipeline

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“The Look of a Hit”

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Growing with SpeedGrade


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In Extenso was born in 2003 out of a new vision for postproduction - and SpeedGrade is part of the picture. Partners Stephane Gravel and Stephane Lestage both had many years experience in Québec's thriving French-language film and broadcast industry. Each felt that it was time for a new approach to the business of postproduction.

We spoke recently with Stephane Gravel, VP of Research and Development at In Extenso.

IRIDAS: What is the vision behind In Extenso?

Stephane: Quebec is a small market which limits the budgets for almost any kind of production. So the industry here is driven more by talent than by money.

When we started out we knew that new technologies, especially software-based tools would only become more powerful as hardware capabilities increased and prices dropped.

But most importantly, we knew that we had to build the facility around the artists. Good artists don't want to be your employee; they are more interested in being your partner or having their own company.

IRIDAS: So you create a partnership with your artists?

Stephane: Yes, our core artists are shareholders in In Extenso. It changes the relationship. It means that we all share a vision and our facility benefits from their insight. It also makes each artist a part of the sales team. We are pleased with our growth, but the best thing is that clients and visitors keep telling us how much they like the mood in this facility

Stephane Gravel

Stephane Gravel is VP of Research and Development at In Extenso in Montreal. The facility was started in 2003 by Stephane and business partner Stephane Lestage. Since opening, the business has grown thanks to an innovative business model and a commitment to advanced new technologies - like SpeedGrade.



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