April 2005: FrameCycler DDS to the C.O.R.E!

Part 1: DDS goes to C.O.R.E

Part 2: Shot Finaling with FrameCycler DDS

In 2003 C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures introduced a new division. C.O.R.E. Feature Animation is now in full production on an animated feature film for a major Hollywood studio and FrameCycler DDS 3.5 is at the heart of their review infrastructure. We spoke with Tom Burns, Director, Special Projects at C.O.R.E. Feature Animation.

IRIDAS: Tell us a about your facility.

We operate out of a beautifully restored building in downtown Toronto. Its a great location and it houses an even better team. We have around 300 artists working here from all around the world. Were excited about the talent weve assembled and the caliber of work were doing.

IRIDAS: How long have you been working with FrameCycler DDS?

Weve been using DDS 3.5 for nearly a year now, from the early Beta days. Some of the people here have worked with the earlier 2.7, but that was Windows only.

IRIDAS: What platforms are you using it on?

We run FrameCycler Professional on Macs at our San Francisco location. Here in Toronto were using DDS on Linux and Windows systems.

IRIDAS: Why did you decide to use FrameCycler DDS 3.5 for playback?

We looked at all kinds of Macintosh, Windows and Linux-based playback engines, but we found them to be unsatisfactory for a variety of reasons. We chose IRIDAS because they have the track record in the industry and we had a chance to be part of the 3.5 Beta process. As we evolve here, FrameCycler will remain a major part of our pipeline.

Tom Burns

Tom is Director, Special Projects at C.O.R.E. Feature Animation. He recently deployed the applications and infrastructure required for an entirely 3D computer animated feature film, including the largest commercial Linux supercomputer in Canada and 80 terabytes of high-end disk storage.


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