November 2004: Kim Libreri


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From Manchester U to the Academy Awards

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Enter the Matrix

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IRIDAS Joins the Team

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Raising the Bar in VFX

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SpeedGrade is Born

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Kim Libreri's Filmography

Kim Libreri doesn’t come across as the leader in VFX technology that he is. He barely appears in the ‘making of’ featurettes that accompany every Matrix movie DVD. But – as any Matrix fan knows – appearances can be deceiving.

Kim’s slight English accent still betrays his Lancashire roots. He speaks quickly and the ideas flow thick and fast, revealing a keen mind and a gift for explaining complex technologies in clear terms.

Kim and his wife at the 2000 Academy Awards where he and the Matrix Bullet Time team won a Technical Achievement Award.

IRIDAS has worked closely with Kim Liberi and the team at ESC. Customer input has always been the key to IRIDAS' succes but no customer has had as much impact on IRIDAS' product development as he has.

Kim spoke with Spotlight recently and shared something of his personal journey in visual effects and the groundbreaking work he was part of for the Matrix movies.


The "Superpunch" with the falling raindrops was one of the most technically challenging shots in the final Matrix film.

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