July 2004: FrameCycler at Work in Montrealís Meteor Studios

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Getting to know FrameCycler

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Moving to Linux

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Looking to the Future

Meteor Studios opened its doors in 2001 and has grown to become one of the largest post houses in Canada. The facility specializes in character animation and visual effects for broadcast and film. 

From the beginning, Meteor made it mark with high-end projects such as the Discovery Channelís When Dinosaurs Roamed America, for which they created nearly one hour of animation. More recently, Meteor wrapped on Scooby Doo 2 (Monsters Unleashed) and was nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award for their work on James Cameronís Expedition: Bismarck ó only one of a host of awards and nominations with they have been recognized since their founding.

Today Meteor Studio has around 130 employees, over 80 artist workstations and an in-house render farm with 400 nodes.

We spoke with Jami Levesque (Director of Technology) and Claude Precourt (Visual Effects Supervisor) at Meteor Studios about their work how IRIDAS products help them and their team.


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