November 2003: Stereoscopic Projection at the Karolinska Institute

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IRIDAS and Lennart Nilsson

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The Right Tool for the Job

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Stereoscopy and Science


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You might be forgiven for thinking that IRIDAS’s industry leading playback applications are only for the entertainment worlds of film, broadcast, games and theme parks, but FrameCycler is also hard at work on the leading edge of research and education in the service of science.

In April, 2003, the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm’s internationally renowned medical university, held a film premiere unlike any before. With the president, board members and senior faculty on-hand, the university’s new stereoscopic projection system was demonstrated with a four minute film depicting the development of the human embryo, and even more striking, a four second clip showing actual cell division of neural stem cells from the brain, a process, which only a few years ago was not even known to be possible. 

Photography legend Dr. Lennart Nilsson (right) with David Örtoft and Hanna Reuterborg


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