SpeedGrade Enables Post Workflow for OCEAN 3D

PINKAU was the first German company to gain international reputation for their 3D usage in the entertainment sector and is one of the few companies in Germany to provide specialised 3D underwater equipment. SpeedGrade was added to its post production suites to grade and finish OCEAN 3D, an impressive underwater movie in stereoscopic 3D.

OCEAN 3D’s unique underwater scenes are from the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aquaba, Egyptian National Parks as well as from swarms of tuna around Malta. The audience becomes a virtual crew on the expedition, they feel the excitement of sailing in storms, watching dolphins playing at the bow or setting up equipment for amazing dives.

“Our workflow for OCEAN 3D relied on a variety of cameras and formats including Canon HF100 and Canon 5D MKII. We originally planned on using our established Premiere and After Effects pipeline for selecting and fixing shots, but SpeedGrade quickly became part of the early post-production stages as well. With SpeedGrade’s wide range of tools for analyzing and fixing Stereo 3D material we quickly got addicted to bringing in the material directly into the SpeedGrade suite. We even used it for creating the rough cut in S3D as it was significantly faster and more convenient than any other editorial solution we used before.

One thing we enjoyed in particular was the file loading mechanism of SpeedGrade: after creating a file structure for the project it simply loads left and right eye automatically. While we didn’t rely on the auto correction for the geometry (the tools for manually correcting geometry allow for very fast and precise correction, we prefer to keep full control), the auto matching for l/r colorimetry saved us a huge amount of time. It made color grading a breeze as we could focus on creating stunning underwater pictures like the examples you see below (left: original picture, right: final grade) .”

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