Legend 3D Deploys IRIDAS SpeedGrade and FrameCycler Infrastructure

Legend Films Makes Significant Investment in Stereo Conversion Pipeline, Adds 8 SpeedGrade NX Suites, 8 FrameCycler DDS Review Systems and over 500 Seats of FrameCycler PRO Company Wide

Munich, DE (July 11, 2011) — IRIDAS (www.iridas.com) announced today that Legend Films (www.legend3d.com), an industry-leading 2D-to-3D conversion studio based in San Diego, CA, has made a significant investment in its stereo conversion pipeline with a major deployment of IRIDAS SpeedGrade NX, FrameCycler DDS and FrameCycler PRO systems. With this announcement, Legend has upgraded its stereo conversion pipeline to include 8 SpeedGrade NX suites, 8 FrameCycler DDS review systems, and has deployed over 500 seats of FrameCycler PRO to ensure every employee, company-wide, has access to stereoscopic review on their desktops.

Legend Films is credited with the highly acclaimed stereo 3D experience on such Hollywood blockbuster films as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Green Hornet and Alice In Wonderland, and is currently working on several stereo conversion projects, including a new major motion 3D film scheduled for release later this summer.

“Legend Films has become synonymous with visually stunning, immersive stereo 3D. They are a company who prides themselves in their ability to leverage technology innovation to deliver high quality, lightning fast results for their clients,” said Lin Kayser, CEO of IRIDAS. “With a combination of multiple SpeedGrade NX suites, FrameCycler DDS and FrameCycler PRO systems, the team now has unparalleled creative flexibility to make parallax adjustments, use advanced pan and scan tools and in real time, compile multiple 3D sequences for playback. No other stereo tools on the market could deliver the stringent requirements for this innovative stereo pipeline, and we’re proud to be a key part of it.”

As the demand for stereo conversion has been steadily rising, Legend Films has quickly emerged as a leading company for extremely high quality results. As this demand as risen, Legend has responded with significant investments in its stereo conversion pipeline.

Legend Film’s IRIDAS Conversion Pipeline

With large teams of artists working on multiple scenes for review, adjustments and approvals, Legend needed a solution that would enable them to work on several scenes simultaneously, create multiple options for client review, and deliver scenes for viewing to one of many screening rooms. Legend responded to this need by creating a stereo conversion pipeline with IRIDAS at its core.

SpeedGrade NX
SpeedGrade NX delivers highly refined stereo tools, breakthrough support for the latest RAW cameras, increased render speed and improved color management. SpeedGrade NX enables the team at Legend with high performance color and depth grading and advanced stereo tools to create 3D dailies for client review with unrivaled speed and clarity.

FrameCycler DDS
FrameCycler DDS provides the team at Legend Films with the horsepower to enable a powerful conform, review and approval system. With unlimited real-time playback of uncompressed frame sequences, Legend can now create and playback multiple sequences in full stereo 3D so clients can make instant decisions on shots, make changes in real time if necessary, and immediately reassemble approved sequences on the timeline. FrameCycler DDS can handle virtually any known file format, thus eliminating the time consuming need for file conversion; image analysis tools and channel views make it easy to spot issues with source material for efficient review and approval.

FrameCycler PRO
FrameCycler PRO, IRIDAS’ desktop stereo 3D review tool has been deployed to over 500 desktop systems throughout Legend Films. With FrameCycler PRO on every desktop, Legend artists can work on literally hundreds of stereo sequences and in real time, analyze image color and quality. Because FrameCycler PRO is seamlessly integrated with FrameCycler DDS and SpeedGrade NX, sequences are instantly available for review and playback.

The level of integration between SpeedGrade NX, FrameCycler DDS and FrameCycler PRO enables Legend Films to meet the extremely tight deadlines and stringent quality requirements of their Hollywood studio clients.

For more information on IRIDAS and their family of solutions ideal for stereo 3D conversion facilities, please visit www.iridas.com.

For over a decade, IRIDAS has become world renowned for its innovations in the digital filmmaking industry, redefining the way artists view, manipulate, enhance and produce their digital creations. As the industry’s earliest pioneers of stereoscopic review solutions and real-time color grading and manipulation techniques, IRIDAS taps its legacy of engineering expertise to streamline production and postproduction workflows, from onset to finishing, and is making stereoscopic moviemaking an everyday reality. For more information, please visit www.iridas.com.

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