IRIDAS Unveils Lumetri

For two years, IRIDAS has worked on a number of technologies for a new finishing product called Lumetri. NAB 2011 marks the first time Lumetri is shown to the public. Lumetri is a fresh take on movie finishing with a specific focus on HDR and Stereo 3D but also introducing new effective tools for traditional color grading tasks. IRIDAS will give private demos of Lumetri at the show.

A New Architecture
Lumetri is based on a radically new architecture that is completely floating point multi-channel based. The new architecture brings a new dimension of versatility to the colorist and forms the basis of a new HDR grading toolset.

A New Approach to Stereo 3D
Stereo 3D is still in its infancy and Lumetri aims to take it further. IRIDAS has invested in significant research in the past years to improve image analysis algorithms to the point where they are ready for production. For example, Lumetri adds innovative tools to help spot problems that will cause viewer discomfort and introduces new image processing tools to eliminate them.

A Task Oriented User Interface
Lumetri was built from the ground up with tablet and control panel users in mind, for maximum productivity.

Lumetri will enter limited beta testing in May and will be available in the fall.

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