Stereo Post for Carmen 3D

Released in theaters worldwide this week, Carmen in 3D is a vivid, vibrant stage production by Francesca Zambello, and beautifully filmed in 3D by Julian Napier. This spectacular RealD and Royal Opera House production captures the gripping drama of the tale of Carmen, and delivers a truly immersive 3D experience that breathes new life into this classic opera.

Phil Streather, renowned stereo 3D producer, relied heavily on IRIDAS SpeedGrade DI during production of the film, tapping into its powerful DualStream stereo 3D tool set for real time auto alignment, ensuring the most vivid, immersive and visually stunning 3D experience for the audience.

“We used SpeedGrade DI for the online of Carmen in 3D. The auto-aligment toolset was extremely useful to quickly get us in the ball park on the alignment. Overall, a highly effective finishing tool for stereo 3D.”

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