IRIDAS and I.E. Effects Usher in the Holidays with The Nutcracker 3D

SpeedGrade DI, Powered By 4th Generation DualStream NX Stereo 3D Engine, Delivers Instant 3D Stereo Dailies; Enables I.E. Effects Team to Grade Color, Adjust Stereo Output on the Fly During Playback

Munich, DE (November 22, 2010) — With the 2010 Holiday Season upon us, IRIDAS ( has teamed up with I.E. Effects ( in Los Angeles to help make the Holidays that much more immersive. On November 24, 2010, The Nutcracker, the classic ballet that has come to represent the essence of the Holiday Season around the world, premieres for the first time in theaters in 3D. As a result of the creative efforts of the team at I.E. Effects, and the technical innovation in IRIDAS’ SpeedGrade DI and its real-time stereoscopic 3D engine, the world will experience Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet in an entirely new way.

With deadlines tight, and budgets even tighter, the I.E. Effects team needed to transform their 3D production workflow to create a real time 3D playback experience for the film’s producers that enabled them to view dailies instantly, in 3D, and make adjustments on the fly. Integrating SpeedGrade DI into this workflow enabled the team to not only view scenes in 3D, but also color grade and adjust stereo balance in real time, as the producers watched.

“SpeedGrade DI was so effective and efficient for instant 3D playback and adjustments, we used it every day to literally build timelines, review sequences and change them if needed, adjust the color, adjust the stereo – all in real time with the clients in the room,” said David Kenneth, executive producer, I.E. Effects. “We’ve come to rely on SpeedGrade DI, not just for its real time performance, but also because of its flexibility. When a client comes to us and asks, can you read ‘XYZ’ format, the answer has always been yes. SpeedGrade DI supports any RAW format used in the film industry today, which means we can accommodate any format, on any project, no question. SpeedGrade DI gives us a tremendous advantage.”

SpeedGrade DI 2010 is IRIDAS’ high-performance color grading and film finishing solution that also adds significant Stereo 3D features and new workflow improvements, including IRIDAS’ award-winning, 4th generation Stereo 3D toolset, DualStream NX. SpeedGrade DI supports all industry standard file formats directly, inclusing RAW files from all major digital cinema cameras and without transcoding. SpeedGrade integrates easily into any workflow through open documented file formats and IRIDAS’ unique Color Pipeline technology. SpeedGrade DI’s groundbreaking 3D workflow technology includes such innovations as enabling push-button correction of geometric misalignment and color differences between the two eyes – an important development for instant review of on-set dailies.

About DualStream NX: A 3D Production BreakthroughIRIDAS has been on the forefront of stereoscopic review since it first developed its groundbreaking DualStream technology in 2003. Now in its 4th generation, IRIDAS has refined its innovative stereoscopic 3D toolset to meet the requirements of today’s burgeoning production, post production and 2D-to-3D conversion market opportunities. IRIDAS’ DualStream NX technology includes advanced features for work on stereoscopic movies and is based on the native stereo timeline already integrated into all IRIDAS products.

DualStream NX adds sophisticated tools to automatically correct geometric misalignment and eliminate color differences between left and right eye streams – this is a breakthrough and a first in the 3D production market. DualStream NX adds even more value for users as it also includes a full suite of creative S3D tools, such as keyframeable parallax adjustments, floating window and a complete stereoscopic color grading feature set. Additionally, DualStream includes comprehensive S3D workflow functions, such as stereo conform and automatic and manual handling of left/right eye assignments.


For over a decade, IRIDAS has become world renowned for its innovations in the digital filmmaking industry, redefining the way artists view, manipulate, enhance and produce their digital creations. As the industry’s earliest pioneers of stereoscopic review solutions and real-time color grading and manipulation techniques, IRIDAS taps its legacy of engineering expertise to streamline production and post production workflows, from onset to finishing, and is making stereoscopic moviemaking an everyday reality. For more information, please visit

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