IRIDAS CEO Lin Kayser Accepts International 3D Society Technology Award

On October 19, 2010, IRIDAS CEO Lin S. Kayser accepted the International 3D Society Gold Award on behalf of the IRIDAS team. The inaugural International 3D Society Technology Awards were presented at a black tie event at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The Gold Award was awarded to Lin S. Kayser, CEO; Michael Gallo, CTO and Michal Krcmar, Senior Engineer at IRIDAS for the development of IRIDAS’ DualStream 3D technology. The 3D Society Technology Awards honor innovation and impact in Stereo 3D technology. For more information, see

IRIDAS CEO Lin S. Kayser; Photo Credit: Alex Berliner, International 3D Society

Acceptance Speech

Thank you very much. I am very honored and humbled  to receive this award on behalf of everyone at IRIDAS.  I am sure that when we originally developed the beginnings of DualStream, our 3D technology, back in 2002, we could not foresee the significance of it for the future direction of our company.

I’d like to thank a few people who were key on getting DualStream off the ground. First of all, a big thanks to Michael Gallo, our CTO. I have been working with Michael for almost a decade now and he was – and is – instrumental in making our ideas reality. Then I’d like to thank senior engineer Michal Krcmar for his crucial contributions to the later incarnations of DualStream.

Thank you also, to my partner in crime, Patrick Palmer, who is with us here in the audience, and who has become our 3D ambassador at IRIDAS.

IRIDAS CEO Lin S. Kayser and COO Patrick J. Palmer; Photo Credit: Alex Berliner, International 3D Society

I believe that our industry is at a key turning point. Not only because of 3D, but 3D plays a big role in it. I believe that many people both inside and outside this industry are still underestimating the impact that new technologies, like 3D are having on the future of filmmaking. People always make the error of judging technology at a point in time instead of looking at the development curve. I’ve experienced 8 years of digital 3D development and I find it stunning where we are today. After all these years of making movies for the one-eyed, we are ready to take the next step.

We are expanding the creative pallette for filmmakers in a significant way and are redefining the way we make and experience movies.

What thrills me is, that we all here are both living at the right time and are at the right position, to not only witness, but contribute to this change. I think this is something special, something very rare.

So I think we should all cherish that moment, and enjoy the ride.

Again, thank you to the Society for awarding us this prize. This is a really special moment for me and my team.

Photo Credit: Alex Berliner, International 3D Society

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