Stereo 3D Training at the Santa Fe Workshops, August 28-30, Los Angeles

The Santa Fe Institute will offer the first stage of the Santa Fe 3D Workshop Program, August 28-30 in Los Angeles. The program is presented in association with VER 3D, IRIDAS, Fujinon, Angenieux, S.two, 1Beyond, Element Technica, More2Cam, DSC Labs,3reedom Digital, Convergent Design and Fletcher Cameras & Lenses.

The Santa Fe Los Angeles 3D Workshop will focus on theory, workflow and hands-on with the latest 3D rigs and HD camera systems. The Santa Fe 3D Workshop Program is designed to provide increasingly advanced and intensive levels of S3D Cinematography training and testing.

Steve Crouch, Director IRIDAS USA, will be available throughout the sessions for Q&A. Instructors include Geoff Boyle, BSC, Aaron James, Mike Spodnik, George Palmer, Jae-mo Koo, Diane Woods, Nick Theodorakis and Dan Kneece, SOC.

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