IRIDAS to Introduce SpeedGrade DI and FrameCycler DI 2010 at NAB

Munich, Germany, March 31, 2010 … IRIDAS an industry leader in Stereo 3D, color correction and production workflow technologies, today announced that SpeedGrade DI and FrameCycler DI 2010 will debut at the NAB show in Las Vegas, April 12-15 (Booth SL 7927).

The 2010 versions of IRIDAS’ flagship products include advanced Stereo 3D tools, improved RAW support for digital cinematography cameras and a completely revamped user interface, based on the IRIDAS Merula UI engine.

DualStream NX, IRIDAS 4th generation Stereo 3D toolset, includes advanced features for work on stereoscopic movies. Based on the native stereo timeline built into all IRIDAS products, DualStream NX adds sophisticated tools to automatically correct geometric misalignment and eliminate color differences between the two eyes. DualStream NX also includes a full suite of creative S3D tools such as keyframeable parallax adjustments, floating window and a complete stereoscopic color grading feature set. In addition, DualStream includes comprehensive S3D workflow functions such as stereo conform and automatic as well as manual handling of left/right assignments.

The 2010 products contain an updated Universal RAW engine, which extends format support to include CinemaDNG and the latest ARRI Alexa, RED M-X , Silicon Imaging  SI-2K and SI-3D and WEISSCAM HS-2 RAW file types. Through CinemaDNG, IRIDAS applications now also support the Ikonoskop A-Cam DII camera.

Universal RAW and DualStream NX work hand-in-hand to give users unparalleled access to stereoscopic footage in its native format. Filmmakers can load unprocessed stereoscopic RAW files directly without offline processing, automatically align and color-match the images and then review the shots instantly.

The SpeedGrade and FrameCycler DI 2010 grading UI was redesigned from the ground up using the new Merula user interface engine. The interface was designed with both tablet and control panel users in mind and sports a minimalistic yet elegant design that allows users to focus on the task at hand. For more information on Merula, please click here.

IRIDAS will show SpeedGrade and FrameCycler 2010 as well as MetaRender at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas, April 12-15, Booth SL 7927. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please visit

With the introduction of FrameCycler in 2001, IRIDAS redefined the way artists viewed digital footage. In 2002, IRIDAS introduced the first stereoscopic review tools for the post industry. In 2003, SpeedGrade, the first GPU-based color grading application, brought new levels of performance to color correction and a unified way to communicate color in production workflows. The introduction of RealTime RAW in 2007, brought instant playback and color correction to RAW camera pipelines. Today, IRIDAS aims to streamline production and post from on set to finishing, and helps make stereoscopic moviemaking an everyday reality.

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