IRIDAS and Cine-Tal Streamline Workflow for ‘V’

American Cinematographer Magazine in its December 2009 edition features the workflow for the movie ‘V’, which reimagines the popular 1983 miniseries of the same name. Author Steven Hullfish describes how artists and technicians at Zoic Studios combined off-the-shelf technologies with proprietary coding techniques to create Zeus, the Zoic Environmental Unification System.


On ‘V’, Director of Photography Stephen Jackson uses Arri D-21s, and works with digital-imaging technician Tasos Mentzelopoulos. “We use two Cine-tal monitors, and Tasos runs a laptop with IRIDAS SpeedGrade OnSet to color-time every shot,” explains Jackson. “He sends a little thumb drive that has our look-up tables along with the footage, and the dailies we get back from Technicolor Vancouver are bangon.”

For more information, please see the December 2009 issue of the AC Magazine. The article starts at page 82.

For more information about SpeedGrade OnSet, please click here.

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