IRIDAS Releases SpeedGrade DI and SpeedGrade XR 2009

Munich, November 11th, 2009 – IRIDAS an industry leader in color correction and production workflow technologies, today announced the 2009 release of its flagship SpeedGrade DI and SpeedGrade XR products. SpeedGrade DI and SpeedGrade XR are high-performance color grading systems with advanced tools for RAW workflows and a comprehensive stereoscopic finishing toolset. SpeedGrade 2009 runs on Mac and Windows. 

SpeedGrade 2009

Improved RAW Support
The latest SpeedGrade releases introduce significantly extended support for RAW formats from digital cinema cameras. Building on IRIDAS innovative RealTime RAW 3.0 technology, SpeedGrade supports all digital cinema camera formats used in production today, including RAW files from the ARRI D21, Phantom, RED, Silicon Imaging and WEISSCAM cameras. RealTime RAW 3.0 processes RAW files natively in the GPU and provides render quality at up to 4K at 24fps, without the need to transcode into intermediate formats first. This translates into shorter turnaround times for post houses working with modern cinema cameras and improved quality compared to traditional transcoding workflows.

Advanced Stereo 3D Toolset
SpeedGrade 2009 includes the latest incarnation of the DualStream stereoscopic toolkit which IRIDAS introduced more than six years ago.  Based on a true stereo timeline, the refined functionality provides powerful options for working with stereoscopic footage, including direct access to native stereo encoded RAW formats from Vision Research (Phantom) and Silicon Imaging (SI-2K). Comprehensive tools for dealing with spatial and temporal offsets as well as defining stereo parallax enable easy adjustment of technical stereoscopy. For stereoscopic finishing, SpeedGrade XR and SpeedGrade DI 2009 provide an immersive creative environment that doesn’t require the manual copying and syncing usually associated with 3D stereo color grading. SpeedGrade’s stereoscopic monitor support includes all common 3D postproduction display technologies, including Dual SDI, polarized displays and shutter glasses.

Render Farm Management
SpeedGrade integrates with MetaRender to provide background rendering and transcoding. Using MetaRender nodes, SpeedGrade artists can dramatically speed up the render times for the final deliverable. MetaRender nodes can run on standard Mac or PC workstations and work in either CPU or GPU accelerated mode. SpeedGrade automatically detects newly running MetaRender nodes and schedules the render jobs for optimum workload distribution.

Interface Improvements
SpeedGrade 2009 includes numerous new user interface features, including sophisticated new folder navigation tools, a streamlined render dialog that allows you to use meta data as part of the file name and newly improved color analysis tools.

Native 64 Bit Support
On the Windows platform, SpeedGrade XR and SpeedGrade DI are available as native 64 bit applications. In addition to optimized performance on modern processors, the new 64 bit native versions of SpeedGrade now have access to memory beyond 4GB, which is essential when working with large resolution files, such as 4K RAW files from the RED or Phantom 65 cameras. SpeedGrade is still available as a 32 bit application for maximum compatibility with legacy systems and codecs.

Pricing and Availability
SpeedGrade DI and SpeedGrade XR are available immediately via IRIDAS’ international reseller network. Pricing for SpeedGrade DI is EUR 33499. Pricing for SpeedGrade XR is EUR 14999. For more information, please visit SpeedGrade runs on Mac and Windows.

With the introduction of FrameCycler in 2001, IRIDAS redefined the way artists viewed digital footage. In 2002, IRIDAS introduced the first stereoscopic review tools for the post industry. In 2003, SpeedGrade, the first GPU-based color grading application, brought new levels of performance to color correction and a unified way to communicate color in production workflows. The introduction of RealTime RAW in 2007, brought instant playback and color correction to RAW camera pipelines. Today, IRIDAS aims to streamline production and post from on set to finishing, and helps make stereoscopic moviemaking an everyday reality.

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