IRIDAS Announces 64 Bit Support

Munich, Germany – October 28, 2009 – IRIDAS, a leader in products for color grading, playback and postproduction automation, today announced that all upcoming products will support 64 bit operating systems natively. In addition to optimized performance on modern processors, the new 64 bit native versions of SpeedGrade, FrameCycler and MetaRender now have access to memory beyond 4GB on Windows and LINUX.


“When working with file sizes beyond 2K, such as when dealing with ARRIRAW, RED or Phantom 65 RAW footage, 64 bit really makes a significant difference in SpeedGrade and FrameCycler,” said Lin S. Kayser, CEO of IRIDAS. “Also, MetaRender processing benefits from the additional RAM, because more processors can work in parallel without being limited by the 32 bit address space. The bottom line is: Customers get additional performance and faster turnaround times out of their existing systems by upgrading their OS to 64 bit.”

The move to 64 bit posed no small challenge for the IRIDAS team. The effort, which began in 2007, was overseen by Michal Krcmar, Senior Developer at IRIDAS: “A large part of our software contains hand-optimized assembler code for high-speed image processing. Porting this code to 64 bit took a very deliberate and careful approach, especially since the code is optimized for different processor architectures.” The 64 bit port was completed in early 2009 and then rolled out to select Alpha and Beta testing sites.

Kayser adds, “With about 20,000 active FrameCycler users, many of which are quickly adopting 64 bit systems, especially on LINUX, the decision to commit to 64 bit was a no-brainer. We expect a push for 64 bit on the Windows platform with the release of Windows 7 a couple of days ago. Most SpeedGrade systems we deployed on Windows in recent months are already running on XP 64 bit.”

The new 64 bit versions of SpeedGrade, FrameCycler and MetaRender will be available in the coming weeks with the latest 2009 product releases. IRIDAS will continue to offer 32 bit versions of all applications. 64 bit versions for the Mac OS X operating system are planned for 2010.

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With the introduction of FrameCycler in 2001, IRIDAS redefined the way artists viewed digital footage. In 2002, IRIDAS introduced the first stereoscopic review tools for the post industry. In 2003, SpeedGrade, the first GPU-based color grading application, brought new levels of performance to color correction and a unified way to communicate color in production workflows. The introduction of RealTime RAW in 2007, brought instant playback and color correction to RAW camera pipelines. Today, IRIDAS aims to streamline production and post from on set to finishing, and helps make stereoscopic moviemaking an everyday reality.

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