Quantel’s Pablo Adds SpeedGrade .Look Support

At IBC 2009 Quantel demonstrated the latest software release for its Pablo non-linear color correction and finishing system. The new release, slated for September, includes the powerful new Cubebuilder facility as well as a host of useful new features and facilities across its editing and effects capabilities.

The Cubebuilder enables Pablo users to build, manipulate and apply 3D Look-up Tables (LUTs) entirely within Pablo.  This makes it easy to create and carry a particular ‘look’ right through a project – a tremendous time and money saver. The Cubebuilder also supports the use of files from SpeedGrade for looks that have been created on set, and is also mapped to the Neo panel for ultimate usability.

Read the full press release at the Quantel website

SpeedGrade OnSet 2009

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