IRIDAS Releases SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 With Extended RAW Support

Munich, Germany – September 21, 2009 – IRIDAS, a leader in products for digital cinema workflows, today announced the release of SpeedGrade OnSet 2009, the industry-leading look design application for cinematographers. SpeedGrade OnSet enables filmmakers to clearly communicate the visual design of their movies to colorists and postproduction artists in a production workflow.

SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 includes new analysis tools.

SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 includes new analysis tools.

SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 adds support for additional camera RAW formats, including files from the RED One, WEISSCAM HS-2 and Silicon Imaging .SIV. With the added support for these file types, SpeedGrade OnSet now supports all digital cinema RAW formats used in production, including ARRI D21, Phantom, RED, Silicon Imaging and WEISSCAM and the emerging CinemaDNG standard. In addition to RAW formats, SpeedGrade OnSet supports typical production file types such as DPX, Cineon, TGA, TIFF, Quicktime and OpenEXR.

IRIDAS showed SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 at IBC in Amsterdam this year

IRIDAS showed SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 at IBC in Amsterdam this year

SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 stores color decisions in IRIDAS’ unique .Look files which are widely supported in the industry. In addition, SpeedGrade OnSet exports to a large number of third-party LUT formats and the ASC CDL interchange format.

SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 works hand in hand with IRIDAS FrameCycler and SpeedGrade applications. Digital labs using FrameCycler DI can re-use the .Look files which were defined in pre-production and on set to accurately grade footage for dailies. SpeedGrade XR and DI colorists can apply the .Look files as grading setups non-destructively to the original footage during online and modify the grading parameters for the final grade.

The comprehensive export options in SpeedGrade OnSet enable third-party workflows which are compatible with a broad range of post tools, such as color grading and compositing systems and hardware-based monitoring devices, such as TCube’s Fig device, which has recently added .Look compatibility.

SpeedGrade OnSet contains various new tools, including an RGB waveform display for precise monitoring of color decisions. SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 continues to support the Cine-Tal Cinemage monitor series for look preview on a live video signal. Control panel options include the CP-300 “Wave” and the CP-200-BK panel from Tangent Devices. New export options for hardware devices include support for Blackmagic Design’s HD Link Pro.

SpeedGrade OnSet runs on Mac OS X 10.5 and higher as well as Windows. SpeedGrade OnSet 2009 is available for purchase online at the IRIDAS website ( or through IRIDAS world-wide reseller network. SpeedGrade OnSet retails for USD 749.

With the introduction of FrameCycler in 2001, IRIDAS redefined the way artists viewed digital footage. In 2002, IRIDAS introduced the first stereoscopic review tools for the post industry. In 2003, SpeedGrade, the first GPU-based color grading application, brought new levels of performance to color correction and a unified way to communicate color in production workflows. The introduction of RealTime RAW in 2007, brought instant playback and color correction to RAW camera pipelines. Today, IRIDAS aims to streamline production and post from on set to finishing, and helps make stereoscopic moviemaking an everyday reality.

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