Andrea Chiozzotto’s Workflow on “The Papyros”

IRIDAS Customer Rogue Element Films in London recently helped DP Andrea Chiozzotto realize a data workflow for the movie “The Papyros”, shot on Viper cameras. Rogue’s mobile grading unit built around SpeedGrade was used for on set look design.

“The footage frames are recorded natively and stored as uncompressed DPX 2K files on Stwo Take2 DFRs capable of providing ProRes 422 offline copies for editorial. This portable system could allow me to create and apply LUTs onset thanks to IRIDAS mobile color timing suite, which means I could always be in control of my color space and collect daily samples of my personal guide grades to store on my USB Key for future reference at the lab.”

The full article is available at the Rogue Element Films Website.

The Papyrus

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