Cine-Tal Announces SpeedGrade-compatible 10 bit SDI Displays

Cine-Tal Systems announced a new range of SDI displays with true 10 bit panels. The new Cinemage B series comes in panel sizes between 19″ and 43″ and supports live 3D LUT integration with SpeedGrade OnSet.
Cine-Tal Cinemage B-Series

Using the live integration with SpeedGrade OnSet, the Cinemage displays can previsualize a look on a live SDI signal from an HD camera feed, giving the DP and director the confidence they need to make lighting decisions on set. The HD feed can be recorded without the look burnt in, while the reference picture and the .Look file with the grading parameters and 3D LUT are passed onto post for creative reference.

In addition the Cinemage can output an SDI signal with look applied, greatly facilitating dailies creation in the field.

The live integration between the Cinemage and SpeedGrade OnSet will be shown at the IRIDAS booth SL 4728 at NAB this year.

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