IRIDAS at NAB 2009 – Booth SL4728

IRIDAS will present the latest versions of SpeedGrade, MetaRender and FrameCycler at the IRIDAS Booth (SL4728) in Las Vegas this year (April 20-23).

The IRIDAS booth will have dedicated demo areas for production, postproduction and stereoscopy. SpeedGrade users and IRIDAS staff will be avaible for in-depth demos and discussions throughout the show.


Increased RAW Support

In 2009, IRIDAS increases its leadership in render-quality RAW processing with the introduction of the RealTime RAW 3.0 feature set in SpeedGrade and FrameCycler. The latest evolution of RealTime RAW adds support for RAW data coming from the RED One and Weisscam HS-2. Support for the Silicon Imaging cameras has been extended to include uncompressed .SIV files. A major milestone is the introduction of the Adobe CinemaDNG standard in all IRIDAS applications. CinemaDNG aims to unify the access to RAW data of digital cinema cameras. IRIDAS is a founding member of the CinemaDNG initiative and the first vendor to broadly support the format. CinemaDNG files can be played and color corrrected in real time up to 4K. SpeedGrade, FrameCycler and MetaRender can now transcode from proprietary RAW formats into the CinemaDNG standard.

RealTime RAW 3.0 has been optimized for the latest in processor and graphics card technologies. The new QuadroFX 5800 GPU from NVIDIA allows real time 4K grading and finishing directly on uncompressed RAW sources.

DualStream 2.0 – Advanced Stereoscopic Toolset

The built-in stereoscopic tools in SpeedGrade XR and SpeedGrade DI have been significantly extended in 2009 with the goal to further simplify the work on stereoscopic movies. The automatic stereo conform has been improved to support new naming conventions. Available stereoscopic monitoring solutions now include the latest technologies, such as dual SDI, dual DVI, interlaced, TI-pattern, shutter glasses, anaglyph and others. A new difference matte view allows users to quickly identify geometric misalignment in stereo footage and correct it interactively in real time.

Dynamic Resolution

Dynamic Resolution, a new feature in the 2009 versions of Speedgrade and FrameCycler aims at speeding up workflows that involve wavelet-compressed footage such as Cineform or R3D material. Dynamic Resolution reduces the resolution during playback for smooth review. When playback is paused, the full resolution is loaded in the background, so the user sees the full quality frame while color grading and analyzing the image.

Dynamic Resolution works especially well with the new optimized Cineform Intermediate support in the 2009 applications, enabling quick real time review of Cineform footage in the field, directly from slow media such as CF cards or USB drives.

Tangent CP-300 “Wave” Support

The new Tangent CP-300 “Wave” control panel can now be used with SpeedGrade XR, SpeedGrade DI and FrameCycler DI as well as SpeedGrade OnSet. The new entry-level product from Tangent Devices is a great choice for use in the field and as a cost efficient choice to get started with a grading suite.

SpeedGrade OnSet 2009

SpeedGrade OnSet adds support for the new RealTime RAW 3.0 file formats, enabling users to directly work with footage from all digital cinema cameras currently on the market. SpeedGrade OnSet now connects to the Cine-Tal DAVIO display processor for real time look preview on a live SDI signal. In addition, SpeedGrade OnSet exports to LUTs compatible with the Blackmagic HD-Link Pro SDI-DVI converter and a variety of post solutions, such as Autodesk’s Flame.

P+S Technik OneBox

P+S Technik will show the SpeedGrade-powered OneBox solution at the IRIDAS booth. The OneBox is a field-ready postproduction system for processing RAW data from digital cinema cameras.

Preview of SpeedGrade 2010

At the show, IRIDAS will give a sneak peek of the upcoming 2010 version of SpeedGrade. SpeedGrade 2010 has a completely revamped user interface with the focus on simplicity and elegance. The SpeedGrade 2010 preview will focus on upcoming new stereoscopy features, reconform, background rendering and versioning.

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