IRIDAS Supports Tangent Wave Control Panel

IRIDAS today announced that support for the Tangent Wave panel is now built into all 2009 SpeedGrade products, including SpeedGrade OnSet, SpeedGrade XR and SpeedGrade DI. FrameCycler DDS and FrameCycler DI also support the panel which was was recently introduced by UK-based Tangent Devices.

“The Wave panel is a great panel for work with SpeedGrade OnSet”, said Patrick J. Palmer, IRIDAS COO. “We also see it as a cost-efficient choice to get started with a grading suite. The unique bus-powered USB design makes it easy to set up, which is especially essential when working in the field, for example when creating dailies on set.”

The Tangent CP300 Wave is available from Tangent Devices and their resellers, or through the authorized IRIDAS reseller network.

The 2009 versions of FrameCycler and SpeedGrade are available through the IRIDAS prerelease program, which is open to all existing IRIDAS customers.

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