IRIDAS Betas Dynamic Resolution Feature

IRIDAS introduced a new feature today to SpeedGrade and FrameCycler beta testers, called Dynamic Resolution. Dynamic Resolution uses a feature available in file formats that use wavelet compression such as REDCode and Cineform.

Dynamic Resolution allows customers using these file formats to extract a lower resolution during playback to provide real time performance and dynamically switch to the higher resolution as soon as playback is paused. This allows for smooth interactive playback, while still being able to judge the full image quality during color grading or image analysis.

“With the introduction of wavelet-based compression, file sizes have come down dramatically”, said Michael Gallo, CTO of IRIDAS. “However real time decoding for full resolution frames is a challenge for even the fastest machines currently available. Our new Dynamic Resolution feature provides an intelligent solution for the challenge to have both real time playback and full resolution when its needed.”

Dynamic Resolution switches between resolutions on the fly and does not change the actual size of the image. The software stays fully interactive during the switch and handles resolutions up to 4K in real time during color grading in SpeedGrade.

In addition to ensuring interactivity during color grading and review sessions, Dynamic Resolution can also be used to provide real time performance on computers with less performance such as laptops. This enables new workflows for review sessions in the field without transcoding to other formats.

The SpeedGrade and FrameCycler 2009 beta program is open to all current IRIDAS customers with a valid maintenance contract.

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