IRIDAS at IBC 2008 – Show Report

At IBC 2008, IRIDAS again showed an impressive roundup of products and technologies. Our main presence was the Cine-Tal/IRIDAS Workflow Showcase in Hall 7, booth H20. We were also present at P+S Technik, ARRI, Band Pro and a number of other partner booths.

Partner Booths

ARRI (Hall 11 Booth F21)

ARRI showed ARRI 21 RAW footage on SpeedGrade XR. Also, SpeedGrade and FrameCycler now support ARRI’s innovative M-Scope full aperture anamorphic video format. Read more about M-Scope on ARRI’s website.

P+S Technik (Hall 11 Booth E28)

P+S Technik introduced the new OneBox and OneBox Mobile all-in-one digital RAW process solutions, running SpeedGrade XR. In addition they showed the Silicon Imaging SI 2K with built-in SpeedGrade OnSet and the WEISSCAM HS-2. Both cameras are fully supported by IRIDAS RealTime RAW workflows. More information on the P+S Technik website.

Band Pro (Hall 11 Booth C40)

Band Pro showed off the newly enhanced Cine-Tal Cinemàge/SpeedGrade OnSet 2008 integration at their booth, combining a video HD-SDI workflow with the power of non-destructive looks.

Cine-Tal/IRIDAS Workflow Showcase

(Hall 7 Booth H20)

SpeedGrade DI and XR

IRIDAS Demo Artist Dado Valentic showed off our SpeedGrade finishing applications. Focusing on RAW and DI workflows, he also demonstrated our new network rendering integration with MetaRender, which allows you to offload render tasks to a render farm for fast deliverables.

The SpeedGrade workstation is controlled by a full set of Tangent CP200 panels and drives a Cine-Tal Cinemàge display via SDI coming from a QuadroFX 5600 SDI card.

Dado presented how working with RAW formats is a painless process in SpeedGrade, as the RealTime RAW 2.0 engine allows for full speed playback at render quality – without having to transcode to another format first.

SpeedGrade DI and SpeedGrade XR were running on a BOXX Technologies RAWBOXX on Windows XP.

Stereoscopic Showcase

We had two stereoscopic monitors with us at this year’s show: a 56 inch Samsung DLP rear projection screen exhibiting stunning stereo footage from our customers. Next to it, we had a Zalman 22″ LCD monitor where we showed off our latest stereo manipulation tools. All IRIDAS products include our DualStream stereo feature set now and support all common 3D display types.

We demonstrated stereoscopic conform in SpeedGrade DI, automatically conforming both eyes in a single timeline. Then we went on to show how easy it is to correct mirrored images, when you have shot with a mirror rig and then syncing image streams that were shot with an offset in the timecode. Stereoscopic repositioning allows you to match up misaligned images and manipulate the interocular distance for optimum stereo effect. Finally we demonstrated stereoscopic color grading, first matching up individual eyes and then working on both eyes for the creative grade, without worrying about the fact that you are working on two streams at the same time.

The Samsung display is driven off an Apple Mac Pro running Mac OS 10.5. Storage is a Ciprico 4440, connected via an ATTO Fibre Channel card.

The Zalman Display was connected to a P+S Technik OneBox Mobile, running Windows XP.

SpeedGrade OnSet/Cinemàge Integration

Worflow specialist Florian Rettich demonstrated the latest in our SpeedGrade OnSet/Cinemàge integration. A live camera stream passed through the Cinemàge SDI monitor. SpeedGrade OnSet can manipulate the color on the display directly in real time. The graded result is displayed live on the monitor for critical review of the cinematographer’s intent while shooting.

Cinematographers can either select pre-approved .Look files, containing looks for the scene they are working on. Or they can tweak and design their looks interactively, in a way similar to how they would light a scene. The .Look files can then be sent to a colorist for final grading, or using the Cinemàge’s loop through functionality, be burnt into the SDI output for record on tape.

The 2008 release of SpeedGrade OnSet speeds up the interaction between the Cinemàge and the application through a new protocol, called IRI (IRIDAS Remoting Interface).

SpeedGrade OnSet was demonstrated running on a MacBook Pro, with MacOS X 10.5.

P+S Technik OneBox Mobile

P+S Technik introduced the OneBox and OneBox Mobile systems at the show. We had a OneBox Mobile with us at the booth. The OneBox Mobile is a portable high performance workstation with a built- in 1920 x 1200 display being fed off a QuadroFX 5600 graphics card.

P+S’ OneBox comes with a special customized version of FrameCycler DI or SpeedGrade XR pre-installed. It is a great system to have on set for rushes coming directly from RAW formats. Optionally it comes with an SDI option that gives you full VTR tape out from RAW and frame based formats.

SpeedGrade XR now supports VTR control for tape decks. Additionally it can act as a tape deck, being controlled by an external application, such as Final Cut or an AVID via the Sony 9 Pin RS 422 protocol.

XDT Catapult Demo

Australian company XDT introduced their Catapult system at the show. Hardware consists of a 3RU, enterprise grade server that delivers a maximum data rate of more than 1,000 Megabytes per second read or write via a local RAID 5 protected array. Connected via four 1 Gbit Ethernet connections, a SpeedGrade or FrameCycler workstation will be able to play up to two streams of 2K uncompressed DPXs via the Catpult protocol. We are showing off the integration in a prototype version of SpeedGrade 2009. This technology will be available in Q1 2009.

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