IRIDAS and Cine-tal to Show Digital Production Tools at IBC

Demonstrating the Digital Cinema Workflow
Munich: August 28, 2008 … IRIDAS, a leader in playback, color correction, and pipeline automation technologies for digital filmmaking, is joining Cine-tal for IBC (booth 7.H20) on September 12-16 in Amsterdam. The two companies will demonstrate the integration of Cine-tal’s acclaimed Cinemage Intelligent Display and cineSpace color management with the IRIDAS SpeedGrade and FrameCycler applications. Together these technologies provide filmmakers with a comprehensive solution for color-accurate review and grading from production through post.

SpeedGrade OnSet, the IRIDAS application for designing and sharing creative looks, interacts directly with the Cinemage display. Pressing the a button in SpeedGrade OnSet pulls a reference image from the display into SpeedGrade. Creative looks, saved as non-destructive “.Look” files, are sent back to the display where they are applied to images during playback or during live acquisition. The result is that the director and cinematographer can check their footage at any time in a calibrated environment with their creative looks applied.

“These new technologies are changing the way we produce digital cinema,” said Rob Caroll, CEO of Cine-tal. “Producers and DP’s can communicate the intended look of a shot to their postproduction vendors while maintaining the raw image data for post and finishing.”

Visitors to the Cine-tal/IRIDAS booth will also see the Cinemage display in a postproduction environment driven by SpeedGrade XR, IRIDAS’ new review and grading application for RAW formats. Metadata-based .Look files from the cinematographer are loaded in SpeedGrade XR and applied non-destructively to single clips or to whole timelines. Colorist Dado Valentic will demonstrate to visitors how he can use these looks as a starting point for final grading.

“The SpeedGrade approach gives me reference looks directly from the DP,” said Dado Valentic. “Since the color is non-destructive and therefore editable, I can begin grading at any time, even while production is still going on. The original frames remain unaltered, and SpeedGrade saves my grading as metadata to continue working on later.”

Creative looks, together with cineSpace calibration, can be loaded in any version of FrameCycler allowing other postproduction artists to work with accurate color while doing animation, compositing or review.

The cineSpace product suite will be on display, highlighting the benefits of end-to-end color connectivity allowing artists to make creative decisions with the confidence that their work will translate accurately all the way through to final exhibition. The IRIDAS applications have included support for cineSpace since 2003.

“We are demonstrating the key benefits of digital cinema at IBC,” said IRIDAS COO Patrick Palmer: “instant access to your content; the ability to save additional information, such as color instructions, as metadata, and the fact that the whole pipeline is now connected.”

IRIDAS and Cine-tal are at booth 7.H20. The IBC exhibition runs from September 12 through 16, at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam. For more information, please contact IRIDAS at +49 89 330 35 142, IRIDAS USA at (818) 951-8927, or visit

About Cine-tal
Cine-tal Systems develops display, collaboration and image processing solutions for digital cinema, video production and postproduction. Cine-tal is a privately held company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, call (317) 576-0091 or visit

IRIDAS pioneered desktop film-resolution playback in 2001. Its FrameCycler products are now the industry standard for frame-based image review. In 2003 IRIDAS introduced the first non-destructive color correction application. In 2007, IRIDAS presented the first GPU-based RAW playback technology. Today SpeedGrade and FrameCycler, including RealTime RAW 2.0, provide the critical links in an end-to-end pipeline for digital image content and color metadata. IRIDAS’ applications are used by filmmakers around the world and most major animation and postproduction houses. IRIDAS is an independent, privately held company, headquartered in Munich, Germany.