NAB 2008 Impressions

IRIDAS Draws Crouds in Vegas

If you missed us at NAB 2008, here are some images from the show floor. Highlights included never-ending demonstrations of our DualStream stereoscopic technology, workflow integration with partners at the booth and around the show, and – of course – the debut of SpeedGrade XR with its universal RAW support – the perfect companion application for the new crop of Digital Cinema cameras.

Demos by guest artists (including at least one in French!) were very well attended and were generally followed by long, enthusiastic conversations between a colorful mix of film professionals. It all added up to a great show and a great experience for all of us.

Somehow we managed to fit all those chairs into the booth.

Steve Crouch, director of IRIDAS USA, demonstrated stereo grading and review tools to enthusiastic crowds throughout the show.

Colorist Andrew Huebscher shows how he uses SpeedGrade on commercial jobs.

Award-winning Director of Photography Jérôme Sabourin explains his work on a feature film shot with the ARRI D20 and graded with SpeedGrade DI.

IRIDAS COO Patrick Palmer and colorist James Norman, demo the latest RAW grading features in SpeedGrade XR.

Colorful colorist Mark Read demonstrates his work on Captain Abu Raed (see IRIDAS Spotlight)

Partner Showcase

S.Two included a SpeedGrade DI workstation at their booth running native 3K RAW footage from the ARRI D21.

ARRI presented FrameCycler DI playing D21 RAW files and a introduced a new FrameCycler Professional integration with the ARRISCAN.

Cine-Tal demonstrated the SpeedGrade OnSet "round-trip .Look integration" with the Cinemage display. They also featured FrameCycler with DualStream for Dolby stereo playback.

Abel Cinetech featured SpeedGrade DI demonstrating the Phantom RAW workflow.

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