IRIDAS Adds Real-Time RAW Support for DALSA Camera

IRIDAS, the industry leader in real-time RAW playback, today announced support for the DALSA RAW 4K format. This advance allows filmmakers using SpeedGrade to take full advantage of the pristine image quality of the DALSA Origin camera with instant real-time review, conform, re-framing, and grading of native 4K RAW footage. Unrendered RAW files offer more image data at one-third the size of an equivalent DPX file, greatly reducing throughput and storage requirements.


Recently employed by I.E. Effects in shooting a Motorola commercial with David Beckham, the implementation performed flawlessly. “We only had 90 minutes to shoot so we had to be use our time well. Knowing that DALSA 4K would give us a lot to work with in post, we did a lot of wide shots.” said David Kenneth, producer and partner at I.E. Effects. “We were really impressed with the image quality of the RAW footage in SpeedGrade DI. The color range was excellent, which is great for grading.”

“I have to say that SpeedGrade’s new RAW support is huge for us at DALSA, and it’s huge for filmmakers, in that it empowers them to look at the best digital imaging possible on set,” said Rob Hummel, president of DALSA Digital Cinema. “It makes the process so easy it’s scary! Not only can a cinematographer view shots immediately without rendering, but staying in RAW means that each 4K frame is just 16 MB. Combining this with the ability to apply creative looks non-destructively makes for a super efficient workflow.”

“Everyone knows the DALSA 4K camera is the gold standard in digital cinema image quality,” said Steve Crouch, director of IRIDAS USA. “But everyone also knows that 4K data requires powerful and expensive hardware. SpeedGrade’s native RAW support lowers the hardware threshold significantly making the DALSA 4K workflow a realistic option for a much broader range of production budgets.”

IRIDAS is the only developer offering live deBayering of all available RAW formats. Currently the IRIDAS SpeedGrade and FrameCycler applications support ARRI D20 RAW, CineForm RAW (used by Silicon Imaging and others), Phantom RAW, and WEISSCAM RAW, as well as DALSA 4K RAW.

Support for new RAW formats will be added as these become available. For more information, please contact IRIDAS at +49 … or IRIDAS USA at +1 81….

About DALSA Digital Cinema
DALSA Digital Cinema is the acknowledged image quality leader in 4K digital motion picture capture. Its DALSA Origin is a proven and commercially available 4K digital camera that combines industry leading resolution with unparalleled image quality and exposure latitude. Directors and cinematographers rely on DALSA and the Origin camera to provide the absolute highest quality 4K images, without compromise. Located in Woodland Hills, CA, DALSA Digital Cinema is a division of DALSA Corporation, the world’s leading high performance digital imaging company. To learn more, visit

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IRIDAS pioneered desktop film-resolution playback in 2001. Its FrameCycler products are now the industry standard for frame-based image review. In 2003 IRIDAS introduced the first non-destructive color correction application. Today SpeedGrade and FrameCycler provide the critical links in an end-to-end pipeline for uncompressed content and color metadata. IRIDAS’ applications are used by filmmakers around the world and most major animation and postproduction houses. IRIDAS is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Munich, Germany. For more information, visit