SpeedGrade Goes Sundance

Captain Abu Raed by Amin Matalqa Debuts at Festival

Park City, Utah: January 21, 2008 … Captain Abu Raed, the first feature film entry from Jordan, will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2008. Written and directed by Amin Matalqa, Captain Abu Raed was shot on the ARRI D20 and finished with SpeedGrade DI.

Captain Abu Raed

Set in Amman, Jordan, Amin Matalqa’s first film tells the story of Abu Raed, a janitor at the airport. The children in his neighborhood believe he is a pilot. Abu Raed humors them with made-up stories of his travels but is soon drawn into the painful realities of his young listeners’ lives

Clark Graff of Gigapix Studios was technical, production and post supervisor on the film. “When we were shopping around for this project we decided that SpeedGrade offered the feature set and capabilities we needed,” he explains. “Plus we liked the company. If we had a question about an EDL, for example, we just sent it over to Munich and the guys got right back to us. Open communications and a vendor who listens to your ideas are very important to us.”

The film uses three main color moods and achieving those looks required extensive use of SpeedGrade DI’s secondaries and tracking tools. “Our director had a very clear idea of how he wanted the film done, right into details which many directors are not aware of,” says colorist Mark Read. Specific musical instruments in the film score and color schemes were associated with different figures. “Mark was amazing,” says Amin Matalqa. “I learned a lot from him and just love what he did with the images. I felt like I could stare at them forever.”

Captain Abu Raed premieres at the Egyptian Theater as part of the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2008, and opens in Jordan on February 6. Read the full story at www.iridasmagazine.com/200801.

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